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Careers are important. A satisfying career that fits our lives can make the difference between contentment and unhappiness. Careers also evolve. What suited us in our 20s may no longer fit the person we have become in our 40s. Every career encounters success and failure, clarity and confusion, progress, and inertia. If you’re at a point where you’re grappling with a career challenge — whether it’s a new direction you want to find, a great job offer that you want to negotiate, or a new role you want to master — I can help.


I need help but I’m not sure
what to ask for

Career exploration

I want to make a change in
my career

Career Management

I’m struggling in
my career

Small Business

I want to start or expand
a small business

Negotiations consulting

I need help with a job offer
or other workplace

Executive Mindset

I want to be thoughtful
about my career growth

Your Unique Path

Every career is a journey.

Every career takes its own unique path. Sometimes we make great leaps; sometimes we meander looking for the best path. And sometimes, we find ourselves sitting beside the road, trying to summon the strength and courage to carry on after a difficult stretch. It’s your journey, but you don’t have to travel alone. As I accompany you on this journey, we’ll use these questions as our guide.

What does success

Look Like?

What can I expect from

Career Counseling?


Chopra Careers

I found my way to career counseling in 1999, and in the intervening years have helped hundreds of clients identify and achieve their career goals. When I started this work, I focused on career exploration and job search. Over the years, I’ve retooled my practice to reflect the type of work that I found most motivating.

  • One conversation with Karen sent me on a path I had never considered or even knew was possible in my industry.

  • Thank you for providing the guidance and encouragement to broaden my horizons. The world beyond my current professional circumstances now seems much more open and promising.

  • Karen was fantastic at helping me navigate my career evolution and progression. She helped me think about my career as a journey and broke down the steps both psychologically and logistically.

  • Working with Karen has helped me tremendously as I navigated through a difficult period with a previous supervisor, and helped me set the stage for future career success. Her advice and guidance helped position me to get noticed, and I was!

  • I love working with Karen because at the end of each session I feel re-energized and motivated in my job search, with a concrete plan of action. She always has new ideas/approaches, is positive and encouraging.

The Savvy Career Counselor


The Savvy Career Counselor

Career counselors and coaches get a step-by-step tour through the tricky process of coaching clients on salary and other workplace negotiations. From ways to utilize leverage and avoid traps, to sealing the deal, this book will answer questions counselors and coaches face when guiding clients through salary negotiations.


Certified Salary Negotiation Specialist (CSNS)

For career coaches and counselors, college advisors and workforce development professionals. This 20 hour, multi-media course will teach you everything you need to help your clients negotiate salary offers, raises and more. In addition to attaining the Certified Salary Negotiation Specialist (CSNS) designation, you will also be issued a certificate with 20 continuing education hours from the Career Planning Academy.