Career Clarity

I need help but I’m not sure what to ask for.

Sometimes, you can’t even articulate what you need. You just know your career isn’t working for you, and you’d like some help to figure it out. If you wonder whether you need to make a change but have no idea what that might be, this is the place to start. Career clarity comes in all forms. You may need clarity on what career is the best fit for you. You may need to figure out if the problem is the field, the role, or the employer. Or you want to understand why you feel like you keep climbing the same hill over and over, without making any progress.

Are you looking for some career clarity?

• I’m ready for a change. What should it be?
• What else could I be doing with my skills?
• Why am I struggling so much in my career?
• I feel ready for more. How do I achieve it?

• Where do I want to land at the end of this reorganization?
• I’m done with this career, but not with working. What comes next?
• Do I want to start my own business?
• Things seem to be going well at work. Why am I so miserable?



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  • One conversation with Karen sent me on a path I had never considered or even knew was possible in my industry.

  • Thank you for providing the guidance and encouragement to broaden my horizons. The world beyond my current professional circumstances now seems much more open and promising.

  • Karen was fantastic at helping me navigate my career evolution and progression. She helped me think about my career as a journey and broke down the steps both psychologically and logistically.

  • Working with Karen has helped me tremendously as I navigated through a difficult period with a previous supervisor, and helped me set the stage for future career success. Her advice and guidance helped position me to get noticed, and I was!

  • I love working with Karen because at the end of each session I feel re-energized and motivated in my job search, with a concrete plan of action. She always has new ideas/approaches, is positive and encouraging.