Negotiations Consulting

There’s always something to negotiate.

Careers are made up of negotiations, large and small. Among the most important negotiations are those around a job offer or promotion. This is a moment of opportunity, when your leverage is at its maximum and you want to get the best agreement. I can help you think through your negotiating strategy so that you’re confident that you’re getting the best deal possible.

What do you want to negotiate?

• I’m interviewing for a job and it seems like there will be an offer soon.
• I’m embarking on a job search and want to be ready to handle salary questions in interviews and on online applications, as well as the final offers.
• I’ve been offered a raise or a promotion and I’d like my boss to improve the package.
• I’m ready for a raise or a promotion, and want to be prepared to make a compelling case.

• I have the opportunity for an internal move or relocation and would like to negotiate the best possible outcome.
• My company is in the midst of a reorganization, and whether I stay or go, it’s going to require me to negotiate.
• I’m facing a layoff and want to negotiate the best severance package possible.

Negotiation consulting is intended to help you prepare and execute a negotiation strategy. The goal of these consultations is for you to be:
• aware of your leverage;
• clear on what you are asking for;
• prepared with the appropriate talking points; and
• ready to offer fallback positions.

I cannot guarantee any specific outcome as a result of this consulting process, but I can ensure that you are in the best position to negotiate effectively.

If you need urgent help with a negotiation (for example, within the next 72 hours), please know that my availability to help may be limited. Fill out the contact form, giving me the type of negotiation and the time frame, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with my availability.



Salary Negotiations

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Coaching Career Clients on Salary and Other Workplace Negotiations

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Monkey See – Salary Negotiation

  • One conversation with Karen sent me on a path I had never considered or even knew was possible in my industry.

  • Thank you for providing the guidance and encouragement to broaden my horizons. The world beyond my current professional circumstances now seems much more open and promising.

  • Karen was fantastic at helping me navigate my career evolution and progression. She helped me think about my career as a journey and broke down the steps both psychologically and logistically.

  • Working with Karen has helped me tremendously as I navigated through a difficult period with a previous supervisor, and helped me set the stage for future career success. Her advice and guidance helped position me to get noticed, and I was!

  • I love working with Karen because at the end of each session I feel re-energized and motivated in my job search, with a concrete plan of action. She always has new ideas/approaches, is positive and encouraging.