This section has a host of resources to help you with your career journey. There are links to my book on salary negotiations and other articles and interviews I have done. There are in-depth descriptions of job search tools and techniques, from resumes to interview preparation. I have also included a section on other career professionals to help you find a job search coach, resume writer, or career professional with a specific area of expertise.

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Job Search Checklist

Like any project, a job search has a series of milestones that you will need to pass on your way to your...


15 Pieces of Career Advice to Crush it

To help you along the way, we reached out to Karen Chopra, a Washington-based Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor, for...

Washingtonian Article

Steps in a Job Search

Only 15% of all jobs are ever listed in the paper, on-line or with recruiters. Below is a description of how you...


Creating a Target Statement

The target statement is the rudder of your job search. A clear target statement will lead to an effective job search.A target...


Compiling Target List

A target list is a list of companies that hire people for the types of positions you are seeking. You want a...


Using the Target List

Once you have a target list of 50-100 organizations that could potentially hire you for the job you want, that target list...


Resume Basics

In an ideal world, you would take your time to craft a resume, and go through multiple iterations to get it right....


Sample Resume

This sample resume demonstrates the basic structure for a resume, with minimal formatting. See the resource “Writing a Resume in a Hurry”...


Cover Letters

Reports of the cover letter’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Despite the proliferation of online applications where cover letters are optional or not...



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  • One conversation with Karen sent me on a path I had never considered or even knew was possible in my industry.

  • Thank you for providing the guidance and encouragement to broaden my horizons. The world beyond my current professional circumstances now seems much more open and promising.

  • Karen was fantastic at helping me navigate my career evolution and progression. She helped me think about my career as a journey and broke down the steps both psychologically and logistically.

  • Working with Karen has helped me tremendously as I navigated through a difficult period with a previous supervisor, and helped me set the stage for future career success. Her advice and guidance helped position me to get noticed, and I was!

  • I love working with Karen because at the end of each session I feel re-energized and motivated in my job search, with a concrete plan of action. She always has new ideas/approaches, is positive and encouraging.